Watch this video and more on Bounce Society

Watch this video and more on Bounce Society

Sculpt - 5/4/20

SCULPT • 30m

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  • Sculpt - 4/20/20

    Focus on your legs & stability with Keith as you move through dynamic sports + dance movements for optimum muscle control.
    Add the ankle weights when you feel ready!! This class is meant to be done up to 3x with added weight each time to develop more and more control.

  • Sculpt 4/20/20

    Grab your trampoline and tone your way through dynamic sequences with Bounce Society CEO Talia
    All moves can be done at half pace for safety & proper form.
    Talia is wearing Carbon38 Takara Shorts, you can shop them 15% off with code TALIAMAXINE
    If you’d like to take one of o...

  • Sculpt • 4/6/2020

    Sweat through a full body tone doing intricate sequences with Sara
    You can follow Sara on instagram @s4ra_grace