Watch this video and more on Bounce Society

Watch this video and more on Bounce Society

Sculpt - 7/20/20



  • Quickie Abs - 7/6/20

    If you’re feeling like your core just needs a little more love, try out this super focused ab quickie! You can do this on your mat or on your rebounder.

    Talia is wearing our White BOUNCE (with crossed keys) Tank, now available! Email to place your order!

    **If you are pas...

  • Quickie Sculpt - 6/15/20

    This quick little Sculpt class is focused Booty & Legs! Use a booty band for some extra resistance. Make sure you warm up & cool down & stretch on your own!

  • Quickie Sculpt - 6/15/20

    Join Talia for a quick focused toning class. Burn our your arms & abs! You can add this class on to any cardio quickie, or do it when you’re short on time!

    Talia is wearing a Brooke Taylor Active Sports Bra