Watch this video and more on Bounce Society

Watch this video and more on Bounce Society

Quickie Sculpt - 6/15/20



  • Quickie Sculpt - 6/15/20

    Join Talia for a quick focused toning class. Burn our your arms & abs! You can add this class on to any cardio quickie, or do it when you’re short on time!

    Talia is wearing a Brooke Taylor Active Sports Bra

  • Sculpt - 4/20/20

    Focus on your legs & stability with Keith as you move through dynamic sports + dance movements for optimum muscle control.
    Add the ankle weights when you feel ready!! This class is meant to be done up to 3x with added weight each time to develop more and more control.

  • Bounce 1 - 4/20/20

    Bounce through our basic moves with Instructor Keith. This class does not include a warm up or cool down so please feel free to stretch a bit before you start and give yourself sometime after to regulate your heart rate. This class has cardio & stability training!

    Happy Bouncing!