Two reasons: 1) When you're crutched for time or 2) you'd like to customize your workout by mix-matching different videos together. Customize your workout and get fit at home!

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  • Quickie Sculpt - 9/21/20

    Challenge to do this class 4x this month to keep building these muscle groups and getting stronger!!
    This class is fabulous for balance training!

    Comment 🏍below when you've finished this class!

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  • Quickie Booty - 9/7/20

    All we can say to this class is "YEEHAW!"
    If you're trying to get some booty gains, do this baddie 3x a week for two months to see some major results!

    Comment 🍑🍑🍑 when you've finished this class 3x!

  • Quickie Strength Kit - 9/7/20

    Using the ALL NEW Jumpsport Strengthening Kit is our new favorite thing to do!!!
    This quickie is LOW impact & very very sweaty. Don't be afraid to take things at your own pace, or pump it up with some ankle weights!
    **Pro-Tip for Coordination; Do the legs first & add the arms second!

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  • Quickie Sculpt - 8/17/20

    HEY!!! Check out our NEW EQUIPMENT! We are SO excited to use this special tool that is so versatile!! Lots and lots of future classes will include these, so grab yours today! THIS quickie sculpt is just the beginning!

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  • Quickie Sculpt - 8/3/20

    This upper body focused sculpt is about to rock your world! Keep your core tight and stay focused! It moves a little quick but you can ALWAYS go at your own pace!

    Talia is using 5lbs Dumbbells!

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  • Sculpt - 7/20/20

    Move through some really fun dynamic sculpting sequences with Chelsea! This class can be done with your body weight or add some ankle/wrist weights for a more advanced experience! Remember its all about proper form and control. Move slowly and with purpose for optimal results!

  • Quickie Abs - 7/6/20

    If you’re feeling like your core just needs a little more love, try out this super focused ab quickie! You can do this on your mat or on your rebounder.

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    **If you are pas...

  • Quickie Sculpt - 6/15/20

    This quick little Sculpt class is focused Booty & Legs! Use a booty band for some extra resistance. Make sure you warm up & cool down & stretch on your own!

  • Quickie Sculpt - 6/15/20

    Join Talia for a quick focused toning class. Burn our your arms & abs! You can add this class on to any cardio quickie, or do it when you’re short on time!

    Talia is wearing a Brooke Taylor Active Sports Bra

  • Sculpt - 4/20/20

    Focus on your legs & stability with Keith as you move through dynamic sports + dance movements for optimum muscle control.
    Add the ankle weights when you feel ready!! This class is meant to be done up to 3x with added weight each time to develop more and more control.

  • Bounce 1 - 4/20/20

    Bounce through our basic moves with Instructor Keith. This class does not include a warm up or cool down so please feel free to stretch a bit before you start and give yourself sometime after to regulate your heart rate. This class has cardio & stability training!

    Happy Bouncing!

  • Quickie Bounce - 4/6/20

    Learn a fun NEW sequence with CEO Talia & tone up a bit!
    Make sure you’re using strong arms & staying low to your trampoline!
    You can follow Talia on instagram @talialynnboggan
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  • Quickie Sculpt - 3/16/20

    Get some heavier sculpting in with Lifting Queen Sara!
    This class is arms & abs focused &
    Always take class at your own pace & use weights that are challenging but doable.
    YOU can always work your way up to the suggested weight.

  • Quickie Bounce - 3/16/20

    Join our powerhouse bouncer Sara, as she moves through her intermediate level bounce sequence called Body Builder. You don’t need any props for this class except your Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline. Follow Sara on instagram at @s4ra_grace.

  • Quickie Bounce - 3/2/20

    Join Bounce Society President, Chelsea Rush, as she moves through our advanced bounce sequence called Spinner. You don’t need any props for this class except your Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline. Follow Chelsea on instagram at @yes.chelsea
    Chelsea is wearing Sweaty Betty Reversible Leggings From Ca...

  • Quickie Sculpt - 2/17/20

    Get a full-body workout in just 15 min. with Bounce Society CEO, Talia Boggan. Strengthen your body while focusing on arms, core, and booty.

    Talia is wearing:
    Leggings - brooketayloryoga.com
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    Art Pieces by Shoran; Costa Mesa, CA
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  • Quickie Cardio - 1/19/20

    Learn a fun bounce sequence with Chelsea!

    Art Pieces by Shoran; Costa Mesa, CA
    For purchase, please email info@bouncesociety.com.

  • Quickie Cardio - 12/16/19

    Learn a fun bounce cardio sequence with Talia!

  • Quickie Booty - 12/16/19

    Equipment: optional trampoline and floor mat
    Quick toning sequences focused on Booty.

  • Quickie Sculpt - 12/1/19

    Equipment: optional 2lb ankle weights & either trampoline or floor mat
    Quick toning sequences focused on booty & abs.

  • Quickie Cardio - Basics

    Introductory Course to our special Trampoline fitness method. Beginner level cardio.
    Learn all the basic moves of our trampoline cardio workout with the guidance of our co-founder, Chelsea Rush. Move through all the fun moves on your trampoline and burn up to 800 calories! This low-impact cardio...

  • Quickie Sculpt - 11/1/19

    Equipment: hand weights and optional 2lb ankle weights
    Quick toning sequences focused on arms, abs, and lower body.

  • Quickie Sculpt - 9/1/19

    Equipment: optional 2lb ankle weights
    Quick toning sequences focused on glutes, inner thigh, and core.

  • Quickie Cardio - 9/1/19

    Learn a fun bounce cardio sequence with Chelsea! Also, breakdown the specialty move called "Rocking Horse".