Two reasons: 1) When you're crutched for time or 2) you'd like to customize your workout by mix-matching different videos together. Customize your workout and get fit at home!

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  • Quickie Basics - 10/16/19

    Introductory Course to our special Trampoline fitness method. Beginner level cardio.
    Learn all the basic moves of our trampoline cardio workout with the guidance of our co-founder, Chelsea Rush. Move through all the fun moves on your trampoline and burn up to 800 calories! This low-impact cardio...

  • Quickie Sculpt - 9/1/19

    Equipment: optional 2lb ankle weights
    Quick toning sequences focused on glutes, inner thigh, and core.

  • Quickie Cardio - 9/1/19

    Learn a fun bounce cardio sequence with Chelsea! Also, breakdown the specialty move called "Rocking Horse".

  • Quickie Cardio - 8/1/19

    Learn a fun bounce cardio sequence with Chelsea!

  • Quickie Sculpt - 7/1/19

    Tone your inner thighs, outer thighs, and glutes. Add your resistant band around your legs to increase intensity.

  • Quickie Sculpt - 6/1/19

    Equipment: optional hand weights
    Quick toning sequence focused on legs, inner thigh, and core. Engages all your stabilizer muscles to find your balance on the trampoline.

  • Quickie Cardio - 5/16/19

    Learn a fun cardio sequence with Chelsea!

  • Quickie Yoga - 5/1/19

    Join Chelsea with this restorative yoga flow. "It's so important to find the balance in our workouts, so always remember to cool-down and stretch for more efficient muscle recovery."

  • Quickie Sculpt - 4/8/19

    Equipment: 3lb hand weights, floor mat

  • Quickie Sculpt - 3/7/19