Watch this video and more on Bounce Society

Watch this video and more on Bounce Society

Sculpt - 5/18/20

NO TRAMP • 31m

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  • Sculpt - 5/4/20

    This class has a focus on booty, back & biceps! Talia leads you through dynamic movements designed to help you control your body. Dance & sports movements are effective & can be hard to do the first time. Please repeat class as many times as you would like till you’re feeling comforta...

  • Quickie Sculpt - 3/16/20

    Get some heavier sculpting in with Lifting Queen Sara!
    This class is arms & abs focused &
    Always take class at your own pace & use weights that are challenging but doable.
    YOU can always work your way up to the suggested weight.

  • Yoga - 7/6/20

    Take of your shoes and let's breath together, this yoga sculpt is a perfect rest day addition to your week. It’s so important to stretch out our bodies after asking them to work so hard for us throughout the week.

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