Watch this video and more on Bounce Society

Watch this video and more on Bounce Society

Dance Cardio - 10/16/19

NO TRAMP • 58m

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  • Dance Cardio - 12/1/19

    Move through fun dance routines and sculpt exercises! The instructor breaks down each move carefully & by the end of class, you will learn an exciting new dance routine that keeps you sweaty & exhilarated! All levels welcome. No trampoline required.

  • Yoga - 12/1/19

    Join Chelsea with this restorative yoga flow. "It's so important to find the balance in our workouts, so always remember to cool-down and stretch for more efficient muscle recovery."

  • Sculpt - 11/16/19

    Equipment: 3lb hand weights, optional ankle weights
    Sculpt is meant to tone and strengthen your body. The class flows together nicely and moves with the beat of the music. Each class uses props such as a Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline, 3lb weights, ankle weights, resistant bands, and a floor mat; h...