We like to change it up, so we're not always on our Fitness Trampoline. It's great to have variety with your workouts, from Dance Cardio to Strengthening Sculpt to Yoga Restore, it's all super important! All you need for these classes are your floor mat and the specified equipment for each class, which you can find in each class description. Have a blast!

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  • HIIT - 1/4/2021

    This overall body workout requires minimal equipment, but delivers maximum results. Make sure to push yourself during the work portions and really breath on the rest portions of class. Take it at your own pace, have fun & of course, let us know what you think in the comments!

    You can connect wit...

  • Sculpt - 1/4/2021

    This class pushes on your peach and strengthens your inner thighs; you know the muscles we use to horseback ride! Super important to do these targeted moves and make sure both muscles are equally worked, stretched & loved on. We love this quickie paired with a yoga stretch or with a cardio quicki...

  • Sculpt Quickie - 12/7/20

    This class focuses on your Arms, Booty & Abs!!!! Talia and the Film Crew are going to do every move with you, we are using 5lbs hand weights, but you can use whatever weight you like, just move slower if you decide to go heavier! We love a good traditional sculpt class, how about you?

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  • Yoga Flow - 12/7/20

    Yoga with Chelsea, the BEST rest day class, in our opinion. Let's do some nice stretches, restorative poses and take it EASY! This class can also be paired with any 30 minute bounce or sculpt for a full hour. Take your time, breathe and enjoy your progress. Your body deserves a break!

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  • Yoga Flow - 11/2/20

    Mellow out today with Sara. Take this class for a perfect rest day yoga flow, or pair it with any 30 min bounce of your choosing for an awesome one hour sweat sesh.
    Feel free to hold poses longer or take it easy in certain stretches! NAMASTE!

    You can follow Sara on instagram @saragracelives


  • Sculpt - 11/2/20

    Keith is going to lead you through a full body sculpt class. This class is full of fun, dynamic dance and sports sculpting movements. Designed to optimize your body control and elongate your muscles. #talkabouttoned

  • Quickie Arms & Abs - 11/2/20

    Join Sara for a quickie focus on your upper body and core. This class does not include a warm up or a cool down, so be sure to stretch on your own time a bit before and after, or pair this class with a yoga focus for a perfect combo! Remember to breathe through your movements and stay hydrated!


  • Quickie Sculpt - 10/19/20

    Just what the doctor ordered!!! A sweaty, sexy sculpt with NEW stream team instructor MATT!!! This class is ARM & LEG focused, Matt is using 3lbs but you're welcome to use heavier or lighter! We love Matt's clear cueing, awesome sequences & ability to make us laugh even though our muscles are bur...

  • HIIT - 10/5/20

    This class is broken up into two parts.
    1st half is strength training, YAY!
    2nd half is cardiooooooo 🤙🏼

    *this class does not include a warm-up or a cool down*

  • HIIT - 9/21/20

    This is an over all body workout, designed for a super high calorie burn to help you reach those weightloss goals!
    This class is also AMAZING for maintaining stamina and cardiovascular health! 💓

    **This class does NOT include a warm-up or a cool down**

    Follow Sara on instagram @saragracelives


  • Yoga - 8/17/20

    Move and flow through a groovy yoga class with Chelsea! Minimal equipment, maximum movement!
    This class can be paired with any of our cardio options or solo for your rest day! Always remember to take your time and listen to your body!

    You can follow Chelsea on Instagram at @yes.chelsea
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  • Sculpt - 8/17/20

    This full-body sculpt has lots of balance technique, inner thigh work & loads of energy. You can use a counter or back of chair to help with the balance section and always modify if you need! This is a sculpt however its very sweaty, so grab your towel & a water and LETS GO!!!

    Talia is wearing B...

  • Quickie Sculpt - 8/3/20

    This upper body focused sculpt is about to rock your world! Keep your core tight and stay focused! It moves a little quick but you can ALWAYS go at your own pace!

    Talia is using 5lbs Dumbbells!

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  • HIIT - 6/15/20

    Instructor Sara and her sister Amanda guide you through an explosive 30 minute Cardio and Strength class! Take it at your own pace and keep water nearby. Grab your hand weights, your floor mat, and be ready to sweat!

  • Quickie Sculpt - 6/15/20

    Join Talia for a quick focused toning class. Burn our your arms & abs! You can add this class on to any cardio quickie, or do it when you’re short on time!

    Talia is wearing a Brooke Taylor Active Sports Bra

  • Sculpt - 6/15/20

    This class is a full body sculpt class. Includes warm up & cool down!
    Talia is wearing Brooke Taylor Active, use code BOUNCERSONLY for a discount on your entire purchase

  • Quickie Sculpt - 6/15/20

    This quick little Sculpt class is focused Booty & Legs! Use a booty band for some extra resistance. Make sure you warm up & cool down & stretch on your own!

  • Sculpt - 6/1/20

    This class has a good focus on your lower body. Don’t worry too much about the height of your legs. Just have fun & keep moving!
    Remember: Every rep counts!!

  • Sculpt - 5/18/20

    This class tones your entire body, with an extra focus on Booty! Sara leads you through dynamic movements designed to help you control your body. Dance & sports movements are effective & can be hard to do the first time. Please repeat class as many times as you would like till you’re feeling co...

  • Sculpt - 5/4/20

    This class has a focus on booty, back & biceps! Talia leads you through dynamic movements designed to help you control your body. Dance & sports movements are effective & can be hard to do the first time. Please repeat class as many times as you would like till you’re feeling comfortable!

    Feel t...

  • Quickie Sculpt - 3/16/20

    Get some heavier sculpting in with Lifting Queen Sara!
    This class is arms & abs focused &
    Always take class at your own pace & use weights that are challenging but doable.
    YOU can always work your way up to the suggested weight.

  • Yoga - 7/6/20

    Take of your shoes and let's breath together, this yoga sculpt is a perfect rest day addition to your week. It’s so important to stretch out our bodies after asking them to work so hard for us throughout the week.

    You can follow Chelsea on instagram @yes.chelsea ✨

  • Dance Cardio

    Move through fun dance routines and sculpt exercises! The instructor breaks down each move carefully & by the end of class, you will learn an exciting new dance routine that keeps you sweaty & exhilarated! All levels welcome. No trampoline required.