HOW-TO Introduction

HOW-TO Introduction

Learn technique and safety before jumping onto your trampoline for the first time. Watch these informative videos for some helpful tips & tricks!

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HOW-TO Introduction
  • Introduction to Bounce

    Co-founders of Bounce Society Fitness, Talia Prairie and Chelsea Rush, demonstrate the basic fundamentals of moving on the trampoline. Technique and safety are extremely important within their fitness classes so pay close attention and have some fun while you're at it!

  • Quickie Cardio - Basics

    Introductory Course to our special Trampoline fitness method. Beginner level cardio.
    Learn all the basic moves of our trampoline cardio workout with the guidance of our co-founder, Chelsea Rush. Move through all the fun moves on your trampoline and burn up to 800 calories! This low-impact cardio...