Watch this video and more on Bounce Society

Watch this video and more on Bounce Society

Bounce 1.5 - 5/18/20

BOUNCE 1.5 • 33m

Up Next in BOUNCE 1.5

  • Bounce 1.5 - 4/20/20

    Learn some more advanced bounce concepts & moves with Talia.
    This class can be done multiple times till you’re feeling comfortable with the moves, timing & sequencing.

    Happy Bouncing!

  • Bounce 1.5 - 4/6/20

    YAY!!! Instructor Keith’s Streaming Debut! Move through the bounce basics & a little MORE!
    You can follow Keith on instagram at @keithmonach

  • Quickie Bounce - 3/16/20

    Join our powerhouse bouncer Sara, as she moves through her intermediate level bounce sequence called Body Builder. You don’t need any props for this class except your Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline. Follow Sara on instagram at @s4ra_grace.