Bounce Society On-Demand

$19.95 a month after 7-day free trial

Bounce Society Fitness is sharing their in-studio fitness classes with the rest of the world! Join a variety of Trampoline Cardio, Sculpt, HIIT, Bounce Burn, and Yoga classes right in your own living room, at your own time. Each month, the video library is updated with 12+ new videos full of brand-new fun and challenging content, so it NEVER gets boring.

We recommend bouncing on a Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline Model 350 or higher. Use our Discount Code to get 10% OFF: bouncesociety10
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  • HOW-TO Introduction

    2 videos

    Learn technique and safety before jumping onto your trampoline for the first time. Watch these informative videos for some helpful tips & tricks!


    20 videos

    Learn the basics of our Bounce cardio with a handlebar attached to your fitness trampoline. This class is a fusion of our beginner Bounce cardio and our Barre method.
    Equipment: fitness trampoline, optional attachment handlebar, hand weights
    All levels welcome.

  • BOUNCE 1.0
    31 videos

    BOUNCE 1.0

    31 videos

    Beginner Level. Learn the technique of our Down Bounces, High Runs, and one Speciality Move in each beginner level class. Begin to transition moves into a mini combo. Our method is designed to improve muscle coordination, core strength, and endurance while burning calories and having a blast!

  • BOUNCE 1.5
    60 videos

    BOUNCE 1.5

    60 videos

    Intermediate level. Trampoline Cardio with two rounds of Sculpt to achieve the perfect full-body workout! Move to a quicker tempo, learn more advanced moves on the trampoline, and begin to learn a Bounce Sequence!

  • BOUNCE 2.0
    64 videos

    BOUNCE 2.0

    64 videos

    Advanced level. Trampoline Cardio with two sections of Sculpt. Learn two Bounce Sequences that incorporate multiple different bounce moves that are meant to challenge the body AND the mind, keeping you super engaged the whole time! Move with the upbeat music and let's get sweaty!

    50 videos


    50 videos

    Sculpt is meant to tone and strengthen your body. The class flows together nicely and moves with the beat of the music. Each class uses props such as a Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline, 3lb weights, resistant bands, and a floor mat; however, props are not necessary. Join us in your living room, outsi...


    24 videos

    HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) improves athletic capacity. It is a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. Work on and off the trampoline for cardio and strengthening exercises.
    **there are no bounce se...


    19 videos

    Interval Training without the Breaks! This class format is time-based, as you move through different Cardio and Sculpt exercises for certain number of rounds and time intervals designed to elevate your heart rate, tone your muscles, and detoxify your body!

    39 videos


    39 videos

    Two reasons: 1) When you're crutched for time or 2) you'd like to customize your workout by mix-matching different videos together. Customize your workout and get fit at home!

    36 videos


    36 videos

    We like to change it up, so we're not always on our Fitness Trampoline. It's great to have variety with your workouts, from Dance Cardio to Strengthening Sculpt to Yoga Restore, it's all super important! All you need for these classes are your floor mat and the specified equipment for each clas...

  • YOGA
    17 videos


    17 videos

    Find balance within your workouts. Remember to take time to restore your muscles and allow for a deep recovery. Yoga will improve your flexibility, body alignment, and balance. Therefore, it will improve your overall performance while working out on your trampoline!

    5 videos


    5 videos

    Groove & sweat! Move through fun dance cardio routines and sculpt exercises with upbeat music! The workout goes quick when you're having fun! No dance experience required. All levels welcome.


    3 videos